To whom it is addressed

“Viae Misericordiae ad Iesum per Mariam” is addressed to all people of good will: young people, adults, families, schools, oratories, parishes, associations and others who want to undertake this cultural and spiritual journey in faith and in Mercy.

The stages of the path can be reached through paths that can be done on foot, by bicycle, on horseback and other appropriate means with the meaning of the pilgrimage.

The path connects with other national routes such as the via Francigena or the path of St. Anthony. The path “Viae Misericordiae ad Iesum per Mariam” starts from the stage of Porto Garibaldi or from the Abbey of Pomposa and in order to have the testimony of the pilgrim

all the stages, even the ones on non-consecutive days, needs to be carried out with stampings.

Go to the page of what to do before starting the journey to know how to get the pilgrim’s credentials