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On foot, on the edge of sister water


Extract from “Il Piccolo” of 20 October 2017

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2018_01_19 il piccolo testata

On the way with the pilgrims from Pomposa and Porto Garibaldi

Excerpt from “Il resto del Carlino” on Wednesday 3 January 2018

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2018_01 resto del carlino comacchio


Also presented at Codigoro in the diocese of Ferrara Comacchio

The project was presented in Codigoro on November 23rd, during one of the UTEF lessons, where Umberto Carli, manager of the Portout Scout Group who shared its genesis, illustrated the steps that have taken place from the Pomposa Abbey to Porto Garibaldi arrive to Faenza.

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2017_12_22 la Voce

On foot, on the edge of sister water

Extract from “Il Piccolo” of 20 October 2017

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“A Pomposa our roots”: the story of the first stop on “Il Piccolo”

“Immersed in the first fog of the season we face the path of Mercy starting from the Abbey of Pomposa.”

Extract from “Il Piccolo” of 29 September 2017.

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Pilgrims walking in the first stage

We report some photos of the first stage made by some pilgrims on September 2, 2017. They left the Abbey of pompous to get close to Porto Garibaldi.

Pilgrims walking in the Apennines

2017_07_28 pellegrini in cammino - modigliana

Invocations of mercy

These poems were read at the 18 May meeting in Alfonsine. Written by Maria Babini, she went to the Father’s house in April 2017. She often said that her little feet had never worn shoes, but how much “they had walked”! Last year, reflecting on the “labor of humanity”, he invoked the Mercy:


“COME with the party dress,
bring a brazier with you,
in which with red hot stone
annihilates the tumors of the earth;
come barefoot and on the sands
that are our uncertainties,
challenge and brighten hearts with trees, flowers …
and place us in a thick wood,
ventilated, rich in fruit,
food for the exhausted soul,
come with sounds
as delicate as they are powerful,
because our ears
they need you,
to counteract deafness
and sadness.
Come with the party dress!
(Maria Babini, Alfonsine, 13-01-2016)

Another invocation, which Maria made on the occasion of a shipwreck of African boys:
“LORD come,
the sea that was the basin of the most important and ancient civilization,
this same sea is
become red of innocent dead.
Lord, come,
this mortal sin
it has extended to all latitudes!
Lord come,
to understand the echo, and counts, in our place,
like beads of rosary, responsibilities,
amplify the possibility of our hearts,
correct the capacities of our minds
and accept this cry
why it is possible to save us,
despite the indifference
and total plagiarism.
LORD, come! “(Maria Babini, Alfonsine, January 31st 2016)

Presented the Viae Misericordiae route to Alfonsine

On 18 May the itinerary was also presented to Alfonsine, with the changes made in 2017. From now on the route will start from the Pomposa Abbey. Following the article of the small of June 2017

2017_ IlPiccolo - viae misericordia

a particular thanks to the scouts who contributed to the signage of the route

presentazione viae alfonsine

Dal Resto del Carlino

articolo pubblicato sul Resto del Carlino del 7 Luglio 2016

viae misericordiae resto del carlino

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